About Us

Welcome to our cozy, family-based cafe/story, Varenychok, located in the suburbs of Chicago. At our cafe, you can get a taste of authentic Ukrainian cuisine.

In 2017 Taras immigrated to the USA from the heart of Carpathian Mountain city of Yaremche. With him, he brought his family's culinary recipes which were passed down from generation to generation. As years went by these recipes were tweaked to perfection for authentic Ukrainian cuisine.

The idea for our cafe was developed in 2018 in our own house, in our own kitchen, when the daughter of Taras, Oksana, asked him to make Vareniki and pelmeni for our closest friends. Taras was shocked but happily completed the request given by his daughter. After this, requests and orders from clients close and far kept on coming in.

In 2020 we decided to expand our small family business and turn it into a cafe/store, Varenychok. This is truly a family business in which even the littlest family members, such as Taras’ 2-year-old grandson helps out. He is a strict judge of all the products that his grandpa makes.

In our cafe, chef Taras prides himself on serving food that has an unforgettable and authentic taste and uses the best and most fresh, seasonal ingredients. And once you eat our food you will instantly get flashbacks to being in your mom's or grandmas kitchen. Because when you cook from the soul for the dearest and most important people in your life, you give away a piece of yourself, which creates magical moments like these.

We invite you to Varenychok to try authentic Ukrainian cuisine or to buy frozen products: homemade pelmeni and vareniki, cakes and much more. In our cafe you can celebrate your kids birthday or sign up for a masterclass. We can also cater any events and provide you with unforgettable, delicious, and healthy food.