VarenychOK: Where Ukrainian Tradition Meets American Flavor.

Welcome to our home kitchen store 'VarenychOK', located in the suburb of Chicago, Buffalo Grove. In our store, you can buy or order dishes of Ukrainian cuisine, carefully prepared by the best Ukrainian chefs led by chef Taras. In 2017, Taras immigrated to America from the Carpathian mountain town of Yaremche, bringing with him family culinary recipes that had been passed down through generations. Over the years, the recipes were refined and perfected by the chef himself.

The idea of ​​a culinary business was born in the distant year of 2018 in an ordinary house, in an ordinary home kitchen, when Taras' daughter, Oksana, asked to prepare dumplings and varenyky (Ukrainian dumplings) to order for close friends and acquaintances. Dad was surprised but gladly fulfilled his daughter's request. Orders from satisfied and regular customers continued to come in large quantities. In a fairly short period of time, it became clear that this was already a business that had grown from an ordinary kitchen, and it was necessary to move forward and find a new 'home' for the future store.

In 2019, a decision was made at family gatherings to expand and develop the family business, opening our wonderful establishment 'VarenychOK'. This is truly a family business in which everyone participates, even the youngest members of the family. The most responsible job belongs to Taras' 2-year-old grandson. He is a taster and a strict critic of all the products made by Grandpa Chef. The older grandchildren are not idle either. They are indispensable helpers in the kitchen. Oksana plays the role of idea generator and implementer, a seeker of the best ingredients, a marketer, and a business development specialist. In short - perpetually mobile.

In our store, Chef Taras ensures that the food is prepared not only from the best and preferably seasonal ingredients but also that it is memorable and has a soulful taste. And if after you taste our dishes, you feel like you've stepped into your grandmother's or mother's kitchen for a moment, then most likely that's exactly what happened. Because when you cook with love for your dearest and beloved people, giving a piece of yourself, such wonders happen.

We invite you to our store 'VarenychOK' to taste real Ukrainian cuisine, buy freshly frozen products: handmade varenyky and dumplings, chebureki and pies, Ukrainian pancakes, and much more. Every day we prepare lunches for offices and long-haul truck drivers. And we will gladly help you organize an unforgettable event at your home, club house, or even in a restaurant, delivering freshly prepared dishes and decorating your festive table not only with tasty but also exceptionally beautiful presentation of dishes. If necessary, our professional waiters will assist you in hosting your celebration.

Welcome to our home. We are always happy to see you.

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